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On the Move

So what are you to do when you’re driving from the Far South to the Southern Suburbs four times a day and your petrol bill is making a huge dent in your budget? Move! So I made the decision to move house nine months ago and I’m simply loving the Southern Suburbs.

Mountain backdrop on Blenheim Rd

Wearing the ‘client’ hat was a huge eye opener for me. I can relate to the all important timing of the sale and new purchase. The stress buyers and sellers face over furniture removal quotations, storage facilities and short-term rentals were all put into perspective. I can definitely say the experience has turned me into a more clued up, savvy agent who is more aware of the needs of her clients.

I caught up with two clients to find out how they were settling in at their Diep River homes their stories were very similar. Althea moved to be closer to the school where she teaches and the Rusoord retirement home where her Mom resides. Althea was always intrigued by the face brick building s at East Park. She also enjoys the convenience of the Pick ‘n Pay store in Plumstead staying open till 8pm. Tracy told me she enjoyed the lock up and go lifestyle that the Fairview complex offers and with her raving about the convenient location, her friend is keen to buy in the complex as well.

East Park 1

There seems to be a definite trend to simplify one’s lifestyle and save some of this precious commodity called time by living and working in close proximity to each other.

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