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Community Talk | Defend Yourself

Combat Force

Over the past few months the security company Combat Force has sponsored various presentations by ACT Personal Safety and are now going ahead with the next in the series of talks. They have already discussed how to defend oneself in one’s home and businesses and what to use. But can you do it? Do you have the courage and the knowledge? The annual SAPS crime statistics shows a marked increase in home invasions, muggings and driveway hijackings. This is not a talk to miss and should be a lot of fun. Please join them and bring your friends and neighbours. Security will be on hand to keep an eye on your cars and they shall serve coffee and tea after the talk.

Date                                        : Tuesday 28 October 2014

Venue                                      : Plumstead Preparatory School, Totnes Road, Plumstead

Time                                        : 6.15pm to 7.30pm

More info: Colin Reeves, CEO Combat Force, 021-706-7775

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