Meadowridge:Park 'n Shop Centre

Steady Growth Rate in Diep River

The Diep River property sales data comparing 2012 and 2013 sales indicates that there was only a very small drop from 71 sales in 2012 to 69 sales in 2013. There has

Scrap Dealers Band Together

Secondhand goods dealers in Diep River are establishing a platform through which they will be able communicate with one another every day. This is to reduce the prevalence of people

On the Move

So what are you to do when you’re driving from the Far South to the Southern Suburbs four times a day and your petrol bill is making a huge dent

Diep River History

Johann Georg Rathfelder was born in Stuttgart in 1811 and emigrated to the Cape in 1835. Following his marriage in the colony, he inherited a halfway-house near Wynberg, on the

Diep River, Cape Town

Diep River is a suburb in Cape Town, South Africa. The suburb is named after the Diep River or Dieprivier in Afrikaans, that runs through the area. Diep River is