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Get Pre-Qualified

pre qualifies

Did you know the current interest rate is 9.25%. When you receive a bond quotation from your bank, this piece of information will become very handy. I find that many buyers are looking for a house and have not taken the time to do their homework. Speak with a bond originator or bank to have yourself pre-qualified.

The bond originators offer this service free of charge and eliminate the stress of going from bank to bank to make appointments with the respective consultants. The Pre-Qualification gives you a great deal of confidence in so far as the price range in which you need to be viewing properties. The Bond Originators are also able to conduct a credit check with your permission. You are then in a position to address any issue that may affect your credit scoring. I found that clients who have had a pre-qualification done dramatically reduced the time period from having their offer accepted to getting their bond approved as all the required paperwork is prepped and ready for submission to the banks.

An interesting statistic that Better Bond provided is that 40% of all their clients declines are approved by another bank. There is nothing worse than having your dream Diep River home snatched from under your nose because your finances were not approved in time!

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